Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Adventures at the Old Coal Pier.

I went out with fellow photography friends for John Welsh's photography class. We were lucky enough to stumble onto an adventurous group of paintball players in a graffiti-covered, paintball-player's paradise.

This old pier was used for coal transportation in the past. The Delaware River Port Authority has been renovating the riverfront with the Rails to Trails program so we were glad to see this pier-turned-battlefield still standing.

The paint-stained architecture really struck me, as did the players themselves.

The Grover C. and Irma S. Wright Story

We are proud to present our short, non-profit documentary for the Lutheran Theological Seminary. The story of the late Grover Wright, his wife Irma, and the scholarship fund they've set up for young Lutherans looking to go to the seminary is inspiring and heartfelt. 

Please enjoy the film in the video section of our site, or on our vimeo page!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Drawing Commission

Completed a new commission project for the retiring Directors of Crozer Chester Medical Center delivered as charcoal drawings and lithographs.  A nice break from the photo market!