Wednesday, February 27, 2013

We can tell your faking in...

Formulas for effective Lifestyle Photography
1. Great models —  choose models that you get along with and that can emote naturally.  They can be professional models or a vibrant person you meet in everyday life.
2. Good chemistry —  between models and photographer.  So you've put this shoot together to realize on set that the models have no chemistry. No emotion equals uninspiring photos.
3. Natural lighting — to emulate a spontaneous environment.
4. Props - use things that the models can hold, play with and act out a real life experience.
5. Great assistants — on set helps the shoot flow without a hitch. 
Four eyes are better than two.
6. Don't fake it — genuine natural expressions make us think and feel the reality of the lifestyle.  Or, if the model fakes it, make sure it is orgasmic.
7. Be in it — in the moment. Again, genuine emotion is believable.
8. Know your audience — what do you want to illustrate?  Joy of life, excitement, anger, frustration, etc.  Use emotions to get the models in the mood and the point across.
9. Never lose sight that we create the lifestyle — we show people how to live well, be happy, be sad, be anger, be joyous, and just be.
10. Editing for critical story telling — use multiple images, enhanced colors to help evoke the desired response.  Try it!

Special thanks to our Renee Lauren @ Click and our model Megan Zalonka, Robin Watson, the best makeup and hair artist on the planet and our interns Mio Kobayashi and Matt Mangigian from Drexel.