Thursday, May 23, 2013

Throwback Thursday

This is a new segment of our blog that we will be doing. We'll be introducing you to vintage posts and pictures. How do we do it? We hire pirates to dig through our arggghchives and bring up some buried treasure to share with you today.

This week's pictures say a lot about freedom of expression through turning the body into art. The first photo is of a marvelous tattoo spanning almost every inch of this man's back. Granted, there are some ugly tattoos in the world, but this piece of ink is a masterpiece. It has been said that art is pain, and in this case, it's safe to assume that the pain was worth it for this work of art.

From under the skin to over, we can see what Punk aficionados have been wearing. From their spiked up red hair to their stockings and combat boots, the attire of the group is a statement of rebellion and not conforming to mass popularity. Art through fashion is prevalent in all walks of life, and punks have had their niche for quite a while.

If our bodies are temples, let us paint the walls

It's all about the mohawk

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