Thursday, June 6, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Interns

Over the years, many interns have walked in and out of the doors of our humble photography studio. All of them have contributed valuable skills that have made us what we are today. We remember all of them fondly and the hours they have contributed to keep this business thriving and growing. Come what may, we utilize every talent to its fullest potential. People enter with open minds and new ideas, and leave with experience, new connections, and unforgettable memories.

Tyler Fro!
 Tyler, Graphic Design Intern, Drexel University
 Chris, Photo Intern, Art Institute


 Danielle and Talel, Photo and Marketing Interns, Drexel University

Dan, Photo Intern, Art Institute

In studio

Intern Interview at studio
 Sean, Philadelphia University
Andrea, photo intern, CCP
Matt, Video Intern, Drexel University

and new...
Michael, Graphic Design, Drexel University

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